Super One Series 2017 – Ones to Watch

Super One Series 2017 – Ones to Watch

Danny racing at the 2016 Supernationals event in Las Vegas

In the build up to the start of the Super One Series 2017, Karting Magazine has been running a ones to watch feature showcasing this year’s talent. Danny was featured in the Senior X30 category. 

In terms of a Senior grid, this is the best Super One has seen for a number of years. When Rotax was flying around five years ago, there were big senior grids, but the only thing that has come close since was last year’s TKM Extreme grid. Almost 70 drivers entered and several British Champions were included. It’s great to see not everyone is interested in leaving karting so young, in my opinion this is the class that will be the ultimate test! It’s going to be a joy to watch, I just wish I was racing in it myself.

Danny Keirle

Although many may see Oliver Hodgson as the obvious favourite in this class, I think it’s Danny Kierle’s time to take the title. He had two big wins in the IAME European Open and Kartmasters last year and pushed Hodgson all the way in the LGM Series. Although Hodgson will be keen to take yet another title I think it’s Kierle’s time. Now on the Fullerton chassis the Jade team is hugely strong and I think that Fullerton backing will give him the edge needed to go all the way.

  • Original text – Karting Magazine – Chris McCarthy
  • Image Credits – Stu Stretton, Chris Walker, Bethanie Lawson